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If you are a part of skincare community you might have noticed that this particular serum caused quite an uproar on the social media because many people found the video posted by the brand misleading and inaccurate

I got this because I trust snail secretions for skin healing and moisturizing also because somby mi miracle toner actually acted as a miracle for my acne though I don't have any deep pitted acne scars . I do get acne on my skin ever now and then and since I am in my mid twenties my skin takes times healing

Moreover I also get PIH ( post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) which takes so long to fade away

SOME BY MI recently unveiled a very new skincare line to its catalogue. Currently it has  Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum but I am sure more products will be added to the range soon

SOME BY Mi Brand Slogan is ''Remarkable skin transformation from natural ingredients''
SOME BY MI is an Awarding winning Beauty Brand , popular Korea, America, Canada, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia.
Some of their most loved products are AHA, BHA, PHA Miracle line, Rose Tone-up cream

The packaging is a beautiful tinted/ translucent red color with pump mechanism. A very hygienic design plus its spill proof too

Powerful black snail mucin repairs the damaged skin barrier and various troubled spots.
Snail Truecica™ strengthens and soothes the skin sensitized from various stimulations.
The light and moist texture of the serum smears quickly into the skin without stickiness.

Snail mucin is one of the trendiest ingredient known for its skin healing properties. So this serum is designed to heal damaged skin

The serum has a gel like texture which immediately transforms into water like consistency as soon as you rub it on your skin. Its very lightweight , non tacky and absorbs easily into the skin

This works great both at night and day time. It also works well under makeup. As I have mentioned earlier I don't have deep pitted acne scars so I can't testify to the fact that this heals the skin completely but I have applied this to my active pimples and this has noticeably shortened the healing time

I think with continuous use, time and patience this can make a significant change in the overall skin appearance and texture